Handicap Modifications

If you are a homebuyer who needs handicap modifications in your new home, Mennonite Housing will assist you, whether it be the applicant or any family member.

There is a time in our homebuying process where we get together with the buyer and our staff to discuss house/floor designs. This would be the appropriate time to discuss your needs for handicap modifications. We will try to address all your concerns as much as our funding will allow. Some items we have provided in the past are:

  • Raising the garage floor so that it is level with the living space, thereby eliminating the need for a wheelchair ramp.
  • Widening exterior and bathroom doors to 36 inches.
  • Widening the size of the bathroom to accommodate turning around in a wheelchair.
  • Roll-in shower.
  • Handicap toilet.
  • Handicap steps with handrails.
  • Stairglide for basement steps.